A winning project

After these years of hard work, we know that we offer a quality service that is truly valued by students and young workers. We are currently looking for partners in the main European cities to help us offer our services where our clients request them. We need people who have everything necessary to keep our project running, growing and improving.
What are we looking for?
Entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to succeed
Commitment to continuous improvement, both personal and professional.
Wanting to belong to the helpAccommodation community

We have already helped more than 7000 students and young workers, always ensuring the highest quality of our accommodation services.

After our success since we started in Madrid, and due to the great demand we have had from our customers, at helpAccommodation we are in the process of expansion, both in Spain and internationally.

What we offer?
From the first moment, in all our cities we have everything necessary to be able to offer all our quality services demanded by our clients: know-how, branding, management application, web page, commercial strategy, online and offline marketing, agreements with international partners.
Our business model
We are proud to have a solid and proven business model, with more than 7 years of experience, constantly growing and innovating in this world-class market which ensure our success.

Booming market


Fast Payback


Reduced risk